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Terri Logan

"My work is based on formal concerns, design and function. I make jewelry because of the intimacy the function allows. I use metal and stones (river rocks) because they are inherently strong materials. The combination of metal and stone allows me to integrate the industrial and organic elements of our world. These materials are rich in their historic value, and intrinsic to our growth as a civilization; their abundant character, separate or in relation to each other, offers me infinite possibilities as a language."   ~Terri Logan

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J and I

J & I Jewelry is designed by Ian Gibson and completely handmade in a wonderful studio in the heart of Philadelphia. Completely self taught in the art of jewelry fabrication, Ian’s fascination with metals formed from a schooling in geology and a desire to work with his hands.

Combining sterling silver and 14kt gold fill metals with gemstones and pearls he seeks to create designs which are organic and have an artisanal essence.

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Philippa Roberts

Born in South Africa to a jewelry making family, Philippa was naturally drawn to working with metals and stones. She graduated from Miami University (in Ohio) with a BFA in Metal Design and Photography.

Philippa’s signature look is simple, organic shapes combined with beautifully cut gemstones. Her love of the ocean plays a large role in the selection of clean, blue and green stones in many of her pieces.


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Julia Britell

Julia Britell